We at Skill Oxide deliver quality training with speed which has direct impact on end objective of any organization which is enhanced productivity. We believe that any training is only effective when the results are positive in terms of higher productivity of employees, better feeling of belongingness with the organization better CSAT / ESAT .

For us skill development remains our priority. We are blessed with a diversity that can take us to great heights. Skill development, speed and scale are the 3 important aspects that are relevant to the present-day growth and development module.

Here at Skill Oxide we provide you with 2 types of trainings i.e., Corporate Training as well as Academic Training. Why are these trainings useful? Well, organizational practices keep changing constantly and for a company to keep up with this, corporate training is important. Apart from the changing practices, corporate training can help employees understand more about leadership, customer care, policies etc. Some of the trainings that we offer are training on Motivation, training on Work-Life Balance, Sales Training and much more.

So what exactly constitutes the transferable skill set and importantly how useful are these skills at assisting youth to work in a diverse range of employment sectors? For this, we have our Academic Trainings for the college students. Some of which are working on your Soft skills and Behavioral skills, Group discussion and Personal Interviews, MS Office(which includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and so on. Our mission is skill development. Skill Oxide takes trainings forward in the right spirit and helps in achieving the targets within stipulated timeline.