How to Improve Communication Skills

By Anant Agrawal


Why are communication skills so important in our lives?

Communication means sharing the thoughts or ideas with someone else in an effective manner. The mode of transferring the information, idea or thought could be verbal or non verbal. Now the question is why is it important in life?

The answer to the above question is that at every point of life, we have to communicate with others in the form of sharing data, information, ideas, thoughts, opinion or views. In every situation of life there are two scenarios, either convince others or get convinced by others. If all the time you are getting convinced by others, it reflects that you don’t have control over situations and you can’t communicate in an effective manner. Communication skill is important for every situation in life like as a student, as a corporate employee, businessman, an entrepreneur or as a professional.

To communicate effectively is a skill means it can be learnt like other skill singing, dancing, driving, cooking etc. People keep on saying that s/he is a born speaker. Friends believe me, only babies are born and it’s a skill that too learnable skill.

What are the extraordinary communication skills?

Whenever any person is able to do below mentioned things, we can say that s/he is having extraordinary communication skills:
1.Can speak Naturally in front of people
2. Has no Fear
3. No Anxiety while speaking
4. Can Connect with Audience
5. Can use Stories effectively to communicate his/her point
6. Can do Voice Modulation effectively
7. Can Connect with his mind and body
8. Can express ideas, thoughts, opinion or information effectively in simple ways.
So, the most important thing is to communicate your thoughts, ideas, opinion or information with others in such a way that they understand correctly and without putting much efforts and on top of it, speaker should be speaking naturally without putting much efforts.

What soft skill you found to be the most useful in corporate world?

The soft skill which is the most useful in corporate world is Communication Skill. If you can communicate effectively, you have won the battle. At every stage of life, you have to communicate and if we talk about corporate world, you have to communicate with internal customers (seniors, juniors, cross functional team members, peers etc.) and external customers (suppliers,agencies, customers, media etc.) and the success lies on how many times you convince the other party and it can be done only with the help of good communication skill. You should know how to present the information, idea, thought or opinion in front of others in an effective and efficient manner.

How much importance does content hold while communicating?

Content is important part of communication, but how are you communicating is more important. In any good presentation, there are three things:
1. Content
2. Voice Modulation
3. Body Language of communicator
Now as per the research, the weightage of these 3 components is
Content (7%),
Voice Modulation (38%) and
Body Language (55%)
Means in a good presentation, 93% (38% + 55%) part belongs to non verbal skills. Hence we should be focusing on developing other skills like voice modulation and body language, if we want to have good communication.