How to Become An Effective Leader

By Anant Agrawal


How do I develop leadership skills?

People think that leaders are born means leadership comes Naturally but in my opinion, leaders can be developed means people can be Nurtured. Leadership is a skill which can be learned and can be taught. Therefore below mentioned points should be pondered upon:
· Leaders are not born leaders
· Leadership is a skill
· It’s learnable skill
· It is Nature V/S Nurture

Now if leadership is a learnable skill, how can one learn this skill? The answer of this question is that Leadership is all about Mind Set. There are 2 types of mind sets wiz:
· Fixed Mind Set: People having this kind of mind set believe that leaders are born leaders
· Growth Mind Set: People having this kind of mind set believe that leadership can be Nurtured.

Means the important thing is that we should prepare ourselves mentally first to become a leader. We should not afraid of failure as “knowing how to fail is the key to success as a leader”.

How is leadership different from management?

People use leadership and management as interchangeable words but reality is that they are not same. Difference is as below:
· Management Drives employees whereas Leaders Coaches its followers
· Management works on Authority whereas Leaders work on Goodwill
· Management generates Fear while Leaders generate Enthusiasm
· Management says “I” whereas Leaders say “We”
· Management knows “How is it done” whereas Leaders show how is it done.
· Management Uses People whereas Leaders develop people
· Management Takes credit whereas Leaders Give credit
· Management says “Go” whereas Leaders say “Let’s Go”