Three Essential Qualities To Become A Brand

By Anant Agrawal


The moment we say Brand, something unique comes to our mind or something which occupies top slot of your brain. For example, if we talk about brands in car segment, the name which strikes to our mind are Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Bugatti etc because they have something which make them different from other. Similarly we as a human being are one product and we should develop ourselves like a brand. Now important question is what are the major qualities a brand should possess? In our opinion, a brand should have below mentioned qualities:

1) Relevance:

The brand should have relevance. Relevance means utility as per the requirement. Let’s discuss in the light of Personal Branding. For example, if you want to make your career in sales and marketing, you should be developing yourself in such a way that you are fit for that industry, means you should develop your skill sets which are required for that profession like, communication skill, presentation skill, data analysis etc. “Being relevant is the starting point for a great brand”.

2) Differentiation:

It means that when you are compared with others, you should stand apart from others. You should develop your Unique Selling Prepositions (USPs) so that Brand You can be differentiated from others and you can develop your image in the market.

3) Authenticity:

This is very important to become a brand as if you are not authentic means trust worthy, you can’t become a brand. So you have to ensure that whatever you are doing is Right, Your act should communicate that Right and the most important thing is “Communicate in YOUR WAY”.